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  I was reading in Proverbs 6 16-19 about the things in life which GOD hates. To imagine GOD hating anything stretches our understanding of who HE is and who HE wants us to be , and,  gives to us both Realization and Hope in our everyday lives. We need to become like HIM!!!

    As I reflect back on what so far has been a very “interesting ” life I realize that without GOD I am lost!!! Most of the difficulties which have arisen in my life are born of those things which I hate most about myself.  Take addiction for example. What appears to be a never-ending battle with one addiction or another is merely a manifestation of how poorly I have dealt with my own character defects. Alcohol and drugs were never the problem!!!  Alcohol and drugs were tools which I used to runaway and hide from my problems. The easy way out only hindered my spiritual growth and clouded my reasoning.  I hate that about me!!! What blessed assurance to know that GOD has a Love for me which surpasses my own stupidity!!!

 Love never fails!!! Love never fails!!! Love never fails!!! GOD is Love!!!  To Love the Creator first you must develope a  Love for the creations ; one of which is you. As we learn to Love ourselves and Humbly ask HIM to remove our shortcomings we remove from ourselves any chance of action on our part which GOD might hate. GLORY!!!

 Going swimming today. Life always makes me happy as I dog-paddle around the Sea of Forgetfulness and draw closer and closer to HIM . With every kick of my feet I place my past further and further behind me!!! Soon and very soon I will just walk across!!!

   May GOD Bless!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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   I was reading in Joshua 3 14-17 where the Levitical priests stood with GOD [Ark of The Covenant] in the middle of the Jordan River untill the Israelites had crossed over into the Promised Land.  Led by GOD ,through HIS servant Joshua , the Israelites were able to leave the plains of Moab and come into their inheritance.

   In my humble opinion Moab represents Doubt and should be counted an enemy of GOD.  GOD’S people were stuck in Moab just waiting to get into the lands of their forefathers.  They were on the brink of their promise , however , being stuck in Moab [Doubt] they required help from their priests to cross-over.  They needed Faith put into action.  HIS people needed prayer from another!!!

     Oftentimes Doubt can cloud our Faith .  Does the presence of Doubt remove the Love of GOD???  Absolutely not!!! We can count on GOD to always be there in our time of need!!!  We might just be in a moment of “wilderness” and need prayer help from another placed in our lives for that very purpose!!!

    We who live in this time should have no Doubt about HIS Love for us. Since the time of JESUS mankind has not witnessed as many miracles, signs , and wonders!!! GOD is with us!!!HIS Love is everywhere!!!

      If you are having a difficult time in your prayer-life ask GOD to help you with that issue. Be specific!!! If your Faith is currently strong please take the time to pray for another.  Someone may just be stuck in Doubt and in need of your prayers to cross-over into their blessings.

     There is reason for praise and worship when you leave Doubt!!! Just look at the blessings which befell Ruth!!! We should be so blessed!!!!!!! Mark

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