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I was reading in Ezekiel 18 31-32 where GOD desires Heaven to be full. HE wants no one person to die!!! In order to make this possible GOD had to make the ultimate sacrifice . HE gave HIS only begotten SON!!!!!!! What kind of LOVE is that??? Definitely a pure LOVE born of HIS SPIRIT . A movement of the Heart so great that the universe stands still in wonder !!! I can only imagine the pain and anguish suffered for my benefit!!! I am so grateful for GOD and HIS LOVE!!!

   As I wander Moriah putting one foot in front of the other I oftentimes have to look at my motives for the things  which I do for others .  I am always willing to give but am I really sacrificing anything, or, am I merely doing just what is expected of me , or , what I expect of myself??? I want to help others at every opportunity possible but find myself constantly at war with Selfishness.

 Sacrifice is LOVE!!!  GOD is LOVE !!!   I pray for LOVE!!!!!!! Mark

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 I was reading in Mark 11 23-24 where Jesus was saying that with just a tiny amount of Faith we could cause a mountain to be moved from our paths!!! All that was on us was to have a real Faith and a real Belief and an attitude of expectation. Ask  , believe , receive!!! Sounds simple and I suppose that it is. In the latter part of my life I have no doubt in every word that comes  from the Master’s heart!!!

   I have a strong desire to go forward in my life and that desire is fueled by Hope ; a type of Hope which relies upon my unwavering Faith!!! I have found that those things which hold me back in life are normally those things which I am holding onto , or , are holding on to me !!! The past is the past!!! By facing what is in our past and asking for forgiveness or by giving forgiveness we start a process by which we can” let go ” and be ” let go “.  this in turns builds within us an ability to look at those ” mountains ”  and say”  GO ” !!! Speak to your obstacles. Remove them. Let Jesus know that HIS work on the cross was not in vain!!!!!!! Mark

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